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First Mortgage Investments

If you’re an investor looking for capital stability, yield and portfolio diversity, consider Reynolds Private Wealth.

Providing investors with exposure to returns available through loans secured by first mortgages over Australian property. Direct Mortgage investments, our funds are not pooled. Receive income from 9.5% per annum at far better rates of return than term deposits.
• Higher returns than term deposits
• Less volatility than the stock markets
• Predictable monthly income or capitalised interest secured by conservatively-valued property


Earn Monthly Cash-flow or Capitalised Interest at attractive rates of return. Choose from a variety of loan investment opportunities to match your
retirement and investment goals.

Capital Security. Your capital is secured by a first mortgage against real property.

Conservative lending ratios. We only lend up to 65% of the value of the security property.
Independent valuation is carried out by members of an approved panel of valuers.

Transparency and Control. Know exactly where your funds are being invested with the freedom to undertake your own due diligence. Select the
individual loan type, size, term, location, and borrower you are most comfortable with.

Set and forget. We collect interest payments and deal with the borrower on your behalf.  Your privacy is of paramount importance to us and your details are never shared with the borrower.

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