About Us

Reynolds Private Wealth provides debt and equity solutions to its clients Australia wide, specialising in bridging finance and construction loans.

The main business activity of Reynolds Private Wealth is the origination and facilitation of direct mortgage investments for sophisticated clients. In doing so Reynolds Private Wealth introduces sophisticated lenders to lending opportunities (mainly construction finance) involving mortgages over real property.

We ensure our borrower clients receive industry leading products, by working with our investors and lenders to develop new and innovative solutions, delivered with service that sets us apart.

We continuously seek new products that match all our investor’s and lender’s terms of lending to ensure availability of funds. We offer a range of commercial finance products to our clients and referrers, every deal starts with a clean sheet of paper, generally, they fall into one of 5 categories:

Your Non Bank Funding Alternative

Reynolds Private Wealth offer alternative capital to what banks can offer. As a commercial property financier our role is to understand your needs and
ensure you get the best access to capital for that project bank or non-bank.  Real estate debt capital markets are very fluid (particularly at this time), and evolving quickly. Banks will always have a place with our clients in particular servicing those relatively lower on the risk spectrum.

This has created the opportunity for non-bank financing to emerge and the growth has been rapid and we expect it to continue over the medium to long term. If you’re looking for a flexible funding alternative, we have the market knowledge and partnerships to provide you with some options.

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